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The Igloo's at SSBC

We are so excited to share our NEW Beer Garden with everyone!!  Please keep in mind this is new to all of us, and times have definitely changed.  We really do appreciate your patience and understanding with our current rules and policies that we have in place to ensure that our team as well as patrons have a safe and enjoyable time here at SSBC.  Please call our taproom during normal business hours at 330.522.4024 to make all reservations.  We are NOT able to take reservations via social media or email.  


  2. The Beer Garden AND IGLOOS are for ages 21 and over.  No children, infants, babies or pets are permitted at this time.   
  3. An individual making the reservation, or in the party will be asked to sign a waiver, taking responsibility for everyone in the Igloo during their stay and following the rules listed below.  
  4. Please keep in mind that the Igloo's are like mini greenhouses and at times there could be a lot of moisture/condensation that will drip down from the sides/ceiling.  
  5. There will be a 5 min window/grace period of your reservation.  If you are late by 5 min, and there is a waiting list, you will lose your reservation for the Igloo.  
  6. Please be ready to leave at the end of your reservation time to allow our team enough time to clean/sanitize.  
  7. Our Igloos are heated, but still dress appropriately for Ohio winter weather.  
  8. Masks are required when not at your table or igloo. Masks are required when walking around the beer garden and while inside paying your tab or using the restroom. 
  9. Igloos will seat up to 8.  Combining of groups will NOT be permitted. 
  10. Reservations are in 1.5-2 hour blocks. 
  11. We will allow our staff 15-30 min to disinfect and clean in between each group using our Igloos.  
  12. Please maintain 6 feet social distancing when outside of the Igloo and when you enter the taproom to pay your tab or use the restroom. 
  13. Full service will be provided at this time by our amazing SSBC team.  No need to order at the bar.  You will need to come in and pay at the end or your time.  
  14. ABSOLUTLEY No outside food or beverages allowed.  You will be asked to leave.
  15. ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING OR VAPING IN THE IGLOO. You will be asked to leave and also charged a $150 “damage fee”. 
  16. If the Igloo is damaged, the person responsible will be charged $400.  
  17. If you want to smoke, please use the dedicated area in the beer garden and maintain 6 ft social distancing from others not in your party.  Or, ask our SSBC team member of additional smoking areas.  

Thank you for your understanding and helping us maintain a safe and enjoyable place to relax and unwind!